About Us

Coffee has a special place in our hearts. Back when Gregory was a just a boy he loved the smell of coffee. That love grew into years of passion to find the best cup of joe.
Briana and Gregory bonded over many a conversation with coffees in hand; and Gregory even proposed to Briana after taking her to get her favorite cup.
Now that love of coffee has turned into sharing it with you!


What do we do…

We roast in small batches to ensure the coffee is at its freshest taste
Every bag is personally hand written so you know we took the time and care into each order
Located in the Midwest but we ship to every city in America coast to coast

What’s in the name…

Phoenix - a mythical animal representing transformation through fire
Fire - excite as in an emotion, fill someone with enthusiasm
Roast - method of cooking


Gregory Schrodt

Roast Master - Gregory starts every day with a cup of black coffee

Briana Schrodt

Social Media - Briana relaxes with a macchiato and a good book

Ila Schrodt

Dog - Ila wishes she could eat the coffee beans